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The US points of interest datasets provided by eSpatial were obtained from Open Street Maps (OSM), an open source data provider. The OSM points of interest datasets can be used to examine and analyse commercial and recreational points of interest within each US state. These datasets can be used in conjunction with the eSpatial mapping software to create reports which investigate the types of as well as the location of commercial and recreational services across each US State. Reports can be generated which analyse US amenities, retail businesses, leisure facilities, tourism services and historic sites at the state and county geographical levels. The points of interest datasets can also be used in conjunction with your own personal data. The eSpatial mapping software facilitates within distance and nearest neighbor searches. This therefore allows for reports to be generated which investigate the commercial and recreational points of interest nearest to your data and also within a specified distance of your data. Below is an example of a simple Arkansas retail businesses report. This report was designed by eSpatial to illustrate how to get the most out of the eSpatial mapping software and the data it provides.

A simple report was created using the eSpatial mapping software and the Arkansas retail business dataset it provides. This report examines retail businesses across the US state of Arkansas.

Retail businesses are colored and categorized according to the type of retail business it is. The styling technique adopted by eSpatial mapping software allows for a quick and easy analysis of retail businesses across Arkansas. It is evident from the map that each category of retail business is associated with a different color point on the map (e.g. purple colored points are associated with supermarkets). The ability to apply filters to fields within reports also facilitates analysis of this data. Applying filters to specific fields in this report enables the examination and analysis of specific categories of retail businesses in Arkansas (e.g. select filter results on retail business so that only supermarkets are displayed on the map).

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