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Mapping Software for Nonprofits

For nonprofits like so many other industries today – data is ever increasing. However, nonprofits don’t have the luxury of expensive and complex intelligence systems. They need fast, easy and affordable solutions that cut to the heart of their data.

At eSpatial we believe mapping software should be available to all kinds of organizations. Many of our customers are nonprofits who have chosen eSpatial because its ease of use and value.

How are nonprofits using eSpatial?

  • Assigning volunteers to projects based on proximity
  • Visually reporting on performance improvements in active areas
  • Using maps in presentations to highlight issues and secure funding
  • Mapping and analyzing census data to plan projects

Why eSpatial is great for mapping nonprofit data

  • Enables resources to get to the right place at the right time based on data
  • Helps you to compete with commercial organizations without complex systems
  • Helps make your case and secure support based visually engaging data
  • We have generous discounts for nonprofits