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What is location mapping software?

Location mapping software lets you take your location data and instantly plot it on an interactive map. By visualizing the data from your spreadsheet, CRM or ERP, you can conduct analysis, optimize your resources, clearly communicate ideas, and more.

How location mapping can help your business

Many businesses and non-profits use location mapping software, mapping a variety of types of information to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at how different businesses currently using location mapping software.

  • Haulage, distribution and service companies use location mapping software for route planning. This ensures efficient use of time and resources. They can also create territories to optimize their resources and make sure all areas are covered.
  • Insurance companies use heat maps (also known as hot spot maps) to indicate levels of risk for unforeseen events — e.g. flooding or other extreme weather. Premiums can be appropriately revised according to level of risk visualized on a map.
  • Realtors/Estate agents use location mapping to create pin maps of properties for sale. Clicking on the map can generate an information box that opens to reveal detailed information such as numbers of bedrooms, age of property, distance from city center, etc.
  • Sales and marketing companies can map demographic datasets (e.g., census information) to help them target the right markets for sales and advertising campaigns. Creating sales territories also helps ensure that reps have a balanced workload, customers are well served and all sales opportunities are pursued.
  • Small businesses can use a map as an operations center to monitor their business activities, including organizing a sales team through equitable territory management or radius mapping, or simply keeping track of customers across a wide geographic area.

These are just a few of the ways businesses use location mapping software. Most businesses could gain key benefits from mapping their data with this modern business tool.

Location mapping software used to create sales territories

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What you need to get the best out of location mapping tools

1. A clear goal

Before you start plotting your data on a map, try to figure out your ultimate goal. Is it to show gaps and opportunities in a market? To reveal distances between key elements of your business (e.g. customers vs. proximity to sales outlets)? To organize volunteers or sales teams so they work efficiently?

Location mapping software can help you streamline your business in many ways, so think about ways you could use it beyond your initial project. Once you know what you’d like to achieve, it’s time to think about the information you’ll need.

Goals list to create before location mapping
Location Mapping Spreadsheet 2 1

2. Good data

Most location mapping works by automatically taking data from a spreadsheet (usually Excel) and placing it on a map. It does this by geocoding the location element contained in a spreadsheet column. As long as a location column is present and readable, then you can attach lots of data to each pin on the map — from local contact details to CRM links.

To learn more about how to format your spreadsheet data for easy upload to eSpatial, check out our help guide.

3. Basic computer skills

Gone are the days when mapping spreadsheet data was a specialist area, confined to only those with high-level GIS training. Location mapping is now accessible to anyone with a computer and basic knowledge of Excel. But if you have any questions, eSpatial provides full training, in-product chat support and a variety of resources to help.

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