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Business Mapping Software

By plotting data on a map, eSpatial gives companies of all types the facility to leverage spreadsheet data in a dynamic, engaging way.
Aggregate by value
Mapping data bring insights that are not always obvious from an Excel spreadsheet

You can benefit from eSpatial business mapping software if you:

  • Feel you are not leveraging optimum value from your spreadsheet data
  • Want to communicate key insights to your team, quickly, clearly and effectively
  • Want to get a regularly¬† updated overview of your market
  • Feel left behind when it comes to the Big Data revolution
  • Already use mapping software that is difficult to use or limited in performance

Use eSpatial business mapping software to:

  • Transform Excel spreadsheets into eye-popping data-rich maps
  • Create a range of maps in minutes – pin maps, heat maps, route maps, territory maps, etc.
  • Create marketing plans from real-world data, provided by detailed demographics
  • Make key decisions more efficiently

Why choose eSpatial?

  • Because it is online mapping software, you have always-on access to the maps and reports that you create
  • You don’t spend money (or maintenance costs) on servers – we host your maps securely on our servers
  • Maps can be easily shared across the internet or printed out
  • You get free automatic updates when a new version of eSpatial software is released
  • Outstanding customer service, already enjoyed by 1000s of clients
  • Competitive pricing – View our packages

Start Plotting Your Business Data Today