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Map Multiple Locations the Quick and Easy Way

Start mapping your locations today with eSpatial

1.Prepare your location data

Prepare an Excel document with all the locations you want to map. If you are a business using Salesforce, ensure all your locations are available in your database. To ensure you’re able to upload your address data smoothly, make sure:

  • Your file is saved in .csv, .xls or .xlsx format.
  • The data you want to map is saved in the first sheet of your Excel file.
  • You have column headers in the first row of your file. These should indicate what’s in the column below, like city or ZIP code. Each column header should have a unique name.
  • Your file has good location data, and includes things like street address, city, state, country and ZIP code. The more information you provide, the more accurate your map will be.

If you need more help, follow our in-depth guide on preparing your data.

2.Sign up for a free trial

Once you have your location file ready, sign up for a free seven-day trial of eSpatial.If you’re a Salesforce user, sign up for your free trial in the Salesforce AppExchange then follow our detailed guides to help you get started.

3.Upload your file

Once you’ve signed up for your free trial and logged in, click the “Upload new data” button and select the spreadsheet you previously prepared.


4.Review your settings

Review the country and the columns that eSpatial has selected. These will be used map your locations. You can adjust which columns are used or change their order by hitting the “Change Settings” button. Once you’re satisfied, select complete.

5.Map multiple locations at once

eSpatial will map the locations. Once the progress bar is full, click “Return to Map” to see the results.


A pin geo map of warehouse locations in the US

Why mapping multiple locations is important for business

Being able to quickly map multiple locations at once is important for a variety of businesses. For example, you business could us mapping for:

  • Market analysis – Mapping out your customers and competitor can help you better understand your market. You can identify under-served areas, discover why some regions are performing better than others, or find regions that match your target demographics. These are just a few of the ways mapping can help you understand your customers and market.
  • Territory management and optimization – If you run a field sales or service team, having well defined territories is critical. In fact, optimizing your territories can result in a 7% increase in revenue, even if you make no other changes. With the right tool, you can quickly map multiple locations, including customers, the home-base of each field sales rep and more. This allows you to quickly and easily build and optimize your territories.

    Some mapping software options, like eSpatial, also include automated territory optimization. This this feature, you can build and optimize your territories in just a few clicks, cutting down on planning time by up to 92%.

  • Field sales planning – Once your field sales reps have their territories, they need to be able to plan their week. With the locations of their customers and leads mapped out, they can easily prioritize who they need to see, then build schedules with complete routes.

Why choose eSpatial?

While there are free mapping options available, these generally aren't suitable for business purposes. For example, Google Maps doesn't allow you to easily map multiple locations. You typically need to enter each location manually or use a third-party tool, exposing your data to potential security risks.

eSpatial, on the other hand, allows you to upload your entire client or lead list in just minutes. You can map thousands of locations at a time. Once your data is on a map, creating routes can be done in a few clicks. Just select your locations — which can be done in bulk if needed — and receive an optimized route. You don't even need to worry about putting the stops in order. eSpatial will automatically create the most efficient order are routes for your locations.

  • Range of mapping tools: eSpatial can map data in a range of ways to suit particular business goals. You can create pin maps, radius maps, heat maps, territory maps and more.
  • Built-in datasets: eSpatial offers access to more than 400 boundary and demographic datasets. These datasets are free when you subscribe to a full eSpatial account, and you can use them to plot and compare with your own data.
  • Easy to use solution: eSpatial requires no previous mapping experience. It’s fast, easy and powerful. You can upload and map your data in seconds.
  • Full training and support: If you need any help, we provide outstanding support, including live chat, video tutorials, how-to guides and one-on-one support sessions.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms: eSpatial is an online geo mapping software. It’s both PC and Mac compatible and you can access your account from multiple devices.
  • No downloads required: Since eSpatial is a cloud-based software, there are no downloads required and all maps are stored on our secure servers.


Map your locations today

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