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Map customer data

Discover who's buying what... Where?

Map customer data and you’ll immediately get a clearer, more dynamic picture of your market

Excel data mapping software, like eSpatial, plots huge amounts of location information on a map, quickly and easily. This map can reveal:

  • Your most lucrative market
  • Your most successful salesperson
  • Where the market can grow or contract
  • and much, much more, depending on what data you have

Analysis is a simple, immediate process, once you place your Excel data on a map. You can analyze the visualized spreadsheet information in any number of ways.

Below are sample visualizations of the different ways you can map data and discover new insights into customer purchasing habits, which could be easily overlooked on a spreadsheet.

Pin Maps

This is the simplest type of map used for plotting customer data, but it is a great way to access key information quickly. You can see an information, scrollable, data box (data is taken from a spreadsheet) in the example on the right. Clicking on a map-point is like opening up a file – it provides detailed data on each customer attached to a given location. You can also distinguish different types of customers by using different colored pins.

Map Customer data

Radius maps

Also known as “buffer maps”. This mapping tool lets you isolate and explore data contained within a set range. For example, if you run a nationwide IT support business, how many customers are within distance of the offices of your field workers? These maps are particularly useful for plotting and analyzing data to run your business more efficiently.

Map customer data

Nearest Neighbor maps

Map customer data using Nearest Neighbor (an eSpatial function) and you can segment it according to value, rather than distance – e.g., locate the nearest 20, 60 or 100 hotels to an airport. Good for organizing field personnel assigned to carry out daily appointments.

Looking to create a territory map?
Map customer data

Map customer data for free

If you want to create your own data maps, similar to the ones above, you can do it in minutes, using free eSpatial online mapping software

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