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Prepare Your Data for Quick Upload

eSpatial helps you to visualize your sales data on a map. All eSpatial needs is location information in CSV, XLS or XLSX format. Follow these steps to format your data for upload to eSpatial.

1. Put your data in the first sheet of the file

The eSpatial uploader will only read the first worksheet of your CSV or Excel file.

Keep the data you want to upload in the first sheet of your spreadsheet

2. Create column headers in the first row

eSpatial looks for header information in the first row of your sheet. The header should describe what type of data is in the column below it. For example, if you have your cities in one column, the cell at the top of the sheet should say City. Each row will be a complete address.

3. Use unique headers for each column

Each column should have a different header. This helps eSpatial correctly classify the information in the column.

Make sure your column headers are in the first row of your spreadsheet

4. Include address data in the file

Make sure there’s a column or columns with only location data in it. While you don’t have to split your address into different columns for Country, State, County, City etc, it’s helpful for filtering once you’ve created your map. If you’re using coordinates, you should include this instead of address information.

Make sure you have address or location data in your file

5. Use one data type per column

Each column should contain the same type of information. For example, if you have a column with the header “ZIP,” then you should only include ZIP codes in that column.

Keep only one data type in each column

6. Save in CSV, XLS or XLSX format

Once you’ve prepared your data, save your file in CSV, XLS or XLSX format. Now you’re ready to upload!

Save your data as CSV or XLS for quick upload to eSpatial

With eSpatial, you can convert your overwhelming spreadsheet data into one easy to understand map visualization in a matter of minutes. Once you have the data plotted on a map, it takes seconds to run various analysis to start deriving insight from your data which you can share immediately within your organization using a live interactive map.

Start Mapping Your Data Today

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