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Share Your maps instantly with colleagues, online, or on your website.

When visualizing your business data on a map, there ar4 Ways to Share Your Mape many circumstances where you will want to communicate the results of your map to others. There will also be many times when you want to collaborate on the production of the map with your colleagues: – e.g. sales results need to be distributed widely to aid in decision-making, or a sales manager may want to share a map of territory performance with their team.

  • Sales performance results need to be distributed widely to aid in decision-making.
  • Sales managers may want to share a map of territory performance with their team.
  • A territory re-alignment project requires regional sales managers to collaborate on proposed changes.
  • The marketing team has identified a list of potential customers the sales team should target for a new campaign.

eSpatial allows your maps to be shared in a number of ways for easy communication and collaboration. You can publish an interactive or static map onto your website for public consumption, invite specific users or teams to collaborate on your map or simply view it, or finally, share a link to your map on social media. The map they will see will include any legend, titles, tables, charts or annotations you may have added to that map.

Sharing your maps is as easy as generating them, just follow the steps. Alternatively, if you wish to learn how to print your maps, click here.

4 Ways to Share Your Map

Select the Share Icon from the Control Panel

To share your maps, you first need to select the Share icon from the Control Panel. This is located just below the Analyse, Routing, and Style options. Selecting this will open the Share Menu.

Share your maps by clicking the share icon in the control panel
Option 1: Keep your map private

In the Share menu, the first option is “Private Map”. With this option selected, your map will not be shared and only be visible to you and no one else, even if you have other team members using eSpatial.

Keep your maps private
Option 2: Share publicly

Selecting Shared Publicly will provide you wth a range of options on sharing your map online or embedding it on your website:

  • You can choose to hide the map from search engines (this means it won’t appear in searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).
  • You can also choose to include a table. This means people who view your map will be able to see a data table along with the map.
  • The Direct Link tab contains a direct URL link to your map which can be copied and shared online. This link can be sent directly to colleagues, included in online documents, or as part of social media posts.
  • The Embed Tab contains code that can be copied and embedded directly onto a web page. This allows you to have an interactive map as part of your website, great for showing store locations to visitors or showing the breadth of your organization.
  • The Social Media icons allow you to share your map directly through email and social media. Selecting the mail icon will open your email client, while the each of the social media icons will generate a post for you ready to be published.
Share your maps publicly
Option 3: Share within team

The third sharing option available is Share Within your Team. This option will allow you to share your map with select users and groups on your team, but will not make your map public.

  • Simply enter your colleague’s email address into the field to share your map with them. You can also enter any user groups that you created.
  • You can edit permissions for users that will have access to your map – e.g. Can Edit Data will allow users to change map details such as the colors and styling, while Can Edit Data allows users to edit the actual data plotted on a map.
  • Email Notifications will alert the users you are sharing the map with.
Share your maps with team members securely
Option 4: Share an entire Workspace of maps

The fourth option for sharing is similar to above, except you are sharing your entire Workspace of maps securely with select users and groups in your team.To do this, click on the Share icon from within your Workspace in the Library. This will open the Share Workspace panel with a range of options for sharing your map collection:

  • Simply enter your colleague’s email address into the field to share your Workspace with them. You can also enter any user groups that you created.
  • You can easily change the editing options edit permissions for users that will have access to your Workspace. You can allow any users to edit maps, edit data, and create maps in the Workspace.
  • Advanced Options allows you to specify the permissions for each individual map for specific users. That way you can have important maps that are view only, and others that can be edited.
  • Notifications will alert all users of changes made to any maps in the Workspace.
Share an entire workspace of maps
Share multiple maps at once

Example of Publicly Shared Maps

Direct Link to a mapPublicly shared maps can be shared via a URL link as mentioned above. For an example of what a public map looks like, click here.

Embedded Map on a websiteEmbedded maps can bring visitors to your website and help inform them of important information. It can be anything from highlight store locations to telling the story of your organization. In the below example, the Election Assistance Commission embedded their eSpatial map onto their website. This helped thousands of Americans across the country access key information about registering to vote. Click the below image to see it live on their website.

Start Creating Maps To Share Today

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