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Create a Radius Map

Quickly Identify Sales Opportunities within a Radius with eSpatial

As a Sales Manager, you are always on the lookout for where the next big sale can come from, you want your team to get as much as they can from your prospects. A face to face interaction can be one of the best tactics to close these deals, but how do you get your team to reach out to them efficiently?

If you’re searching through your CRM or spreadsheet of opportunities, finding opportunities that are close to your sales teams locations can be an arduous task. However, by laying your opportunity data on top of your staff location data, you can run a radius analysis that will identify all of the opportunities within a specified radius of your sales team.This can all be done in minutes, or even seconds; saving your team from waiting around while you’re swamped in spreadsheets and formulas.

3 Steps to Creating a Radius Map

First, you will need to upload two datasets. For example, your opportunity data and your sales team location data. Once your data is uploaded and added to a map, simply follow the instructions below.

1: Click the Analyze button and the Radius option

From the Control Panel, select the Analyze button to enter the analysis selection panel. Here you will see a selection of the various analysis tools available in eSpatial, select Radius.

Select the Radius Map option from the Analysis Panel
2: Select the points dataset and distances to be used

Next, you need to select the data you will want to find (in this example, US Gold Customers dataset). Then the distance from the center point (in this example, Office Location dataset). If you only have two datasets, these will automatically populate, so ensure that you have the correct ones selected for each option.

Set your radius criteria and the data to analyze.
3: Click Complete to generate your Radius Map

Once you hit complete, your radius map will generate in just a few seconds.

Completed radius map

Create a Radius Map Today

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