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Create a Route Map in 4 Easy Steps

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Improve Your Sales Process by being able to better plan work schedules and travel itineraries with Route Optimization.

For field sales managers, ensuring your team meets as many clients and prospects as possible while saving on costs is a primary objective. Fuel and time can be major costs, particularly for sales teams who can invest a lot of time and resources to meet with clients in different territories. Missing out on meeting a potential lead can be the difference in your team reaching their targets this month.

Route Optimization is particularly important for Field Service Management companies who have employees on the road. With Route Optimization, you can plot your sales data on a map, pick a start and finish point, and our mapping software will create the optimized route for you or your team’s journey with up to 100 stops. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces travel time, and increases the number of customers your team can serve.

As eSpatial is cloud-based mapping software, both you and your team in the field can instantly communicate with each other between the office and the field using internet-connected devices such as smart-phone, iPads, and tablets using dynamic, shareable and collaborative maps.

Create a Route in 4 Simple Steps

1. Select Routing from the Control panelWith your map open and data plotted, select Routing from the Control Panel. This will open the Routing panel.

Selecting routing

Select Routing to enter the routing panel

2. Add Stops to Your Route

From the Routing panel, you can add up to 100 stops to your route in the following ways:

  • Click on a point on the Map.
  • Click on Add Address. You can enter an address or place a point on the map. E.g. a hotel, a client’s office, etc.
  • Click on Multi-add. You can then click on the map and draw an area selecting all the points inside that area.

By default, the first point you select becomes the Start point and the last point you select becomes the Finish point. However, you can edit the Start and Finish points by clicking on the point name in the Routing panel or on the map. You can then change the Start and Finish points or even remove the stop itself.

3. Generate Your Route

Once you are happy with your stops, simply click the Get Route button. Your route will be presented on the map along with all stops and the turn by turn directions will be displayed in the Routing panel. It will also show you the distance and drive time for each leg of the trip.

Start Creating Routes Today

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