eSpatial has powerful analytical and visual tools to allow you to gain valuable insights into your business and sales data. When using eSpatial to analyze your data, you want it to be up to date and you want it done automatically. This is why we have developed our eSpatial Data Upload Tool.

Our Upload Tool automatically imports your data into eSpatial thereby removing the need for a manual import process. Using the eSpatial Upload Tool, you can schedule regular data updates automatically maintaining up-to-date maps. Learn more about how it works here.

Features of the eSpatial Upload Tool
  • Schedule automatic updates of your eSpatial datasets
  • Configure the Updater tool to automatically update eSpatial when an updated file from your third party system becomes available.
  • Facility to update multiple eSpatial datasets at once
  • Match data file locations to specific eSpatial Dataset (e.g. match current sales territory performance measurements from your CRM to your sales territories on an eSpatial map)
  • Audit and log file available for error checking and analysis

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