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eSpatial is a powerful mapping software that transforms your business data from hundreds of rows of spreadsheet data into live interactive maps that brings insight to the surface. These insights lead to more informed data-driven decisions.

The first step is to upload your data into eSpatial. Your business data currently resides in either an excel spreadsheet, a CSV file, a CRM system or a custom database. No matter which of these you use to store your data, you can import it into eSpatial in 3 simple clicks as is shown in the images to the right.

To make it even simpler again, you can ensure your data is in the right format for a super quick and easy upload by following the steps outlined in our How To Prepare Your Data for Upload Guide. Click here to read it.

You can import two types of data into eSpatial.

Points Data – for example, sales data, employee data, office locations or any data that you want to appear as points on a map. This data can be in address or coordinate formats.
Boundary Data – for example, sales territories which you want to be displayed as bordered geographic regions.

Are you ready to see how fast you can upload your data and visualize it on a map? Sign up for a free eSpatial account with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.