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Many companies don't update their territories enough to see the full benefits of territory management. Why? It's a time-consuming process to make significant manual updates.

The process usually involves several senior managers spending weeks tweaking plans. With the cost of pulling senior managers away from their work — and sometimes hotel and travel fees — you quickly eat up the benefits of well-designed territories.

After all that work, manually balanced territories might not be the best option. We know you can lose up to 7% of your revenue by having poorly aligned territories, so we wanted to make this process faster, easier and more accurate. That's why we created eSpatial's Territory Optimizer. This tool lets you build new territories or balance existing ones up to 92% faster, making it easier to reap all the benefits of well-balanced territories.

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Territory Optimizer allows you to:

  • Create territories balanced on your custom metrics and data
  • Upload office or sales rep locations and center your territories around them
  • Add or subtract territories, and redistribute customers and leads, in just a few clicks
  • Use drive-time instead of straight distance to create territories that reflect real-world conditions

Whether you're a sales, service or franchise organizations, Territory Optimizer is an ideal addition to your territory management tool-belt. It can help you:

Create a sales territory plan from scratch

In just a few clicks, eSpatial's Territory Optimizer can help you create a draft territory plan with your own data. Doing this process manually can take days or weeks, plus review and tweaks required by decision-makers.

If you want to build territories based on your current resources, you can upload your office or sales rep locations and use these as a center points for your territories. You can even create territories based on drive-time. Instead of using a straight distance, Optimizer will create territories that factor in how long it takes to drive from the center of a territory. This helps create manageable territories based on the realities in the field.

Manage your territories

As you gain and lose clients, sales territories will naturally fall out of alignment over time. That means they require territory optimization to ensure you're:

  • Providing enough opportunity for your sales reps
  • Balancing the workload to prevent burnout
  • Covering all clients and leads so you don't miss out on opportunities

Territory Optimizer makes this regular management easy. In just a few clicks, you can optimize your territories based on your chosen balancing metric. That could be the number of accounts, projected sales or another metric. Territory Optimizer will automatically align your existing territories, taking into account both geography and the balancing metric you've chosen. In just a few minutes, you have a new set of fair and balanced territories.

Some sales organizations can expect to see an annual employee turnover of about 30%. If you have 100 field sales reps, that means you'll need to replace 30 of them every year. Sometimes recruitment and training can take time and you need to quickly cover areas with your existing resources. Territory Optimizer lets you quickly and easily add and remove territories and redistribute your customer and leads.

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Plan for the future

Future planning is a key part of your business strategy, but building out multiple scenarios can be tedious, sometimes taking weeks to draft. Territory Optimizer lets you easily create and save multiple scenarios by adjusting your parameters. In minutes, you can find out how your sales territories would look if you added or removed sales reps, then send your “what-if” scenarios to decision-makers for review.

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