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Create Sales Territories from a File using Territory Builder

eSpatial’s territory builder allows you to build your territories from an existing file. So whether you are making the move from another mapping software, or you have your territories assigned in a CRM system, you can quickly load it into eSpatial. You simply have to match up the location and other territory identifiers and eSpatial will do the rest. Your territories are then ready for you to edit, reassign, balance and align for an even workload leading to a more motivated workforce. Learn how to load your sales territories from an existing file with our quick and easy how-to guide.

Once you have your territories loaded into the Territory Builder you can then assess and rebalance the territories to ensure a fair and profitable workload for your team. You can even use criteria such as drive time to clients to realign your sales territories making sure that your sales reps aren’t wasting time travelling to a client that another sales rep could get to faster. Learn more on how to use drive time analysis to build sales territories here.

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