Territory Hierarchies

Territory Hierarchies allow an organization to match a territory definition with the company’s hierarchical structure, for example national, regional, and local definitions.

Each member of your team, from sales reps to national managers, can quickly see and manage their territories. For example, the hierarchy will show the areas each person is responsible for within the organization. For example, at the top level you may see that there are two national VPs of Sales – one handling the East Coast and the other the West Coast. Moving down a level, you can see all the regional managers and the smaller areas they cover. Finally, on a third level, you can dig into the individual sales person in each region.

The territories can be shared with team members in either read-only or edit mode. This encourages collaboration and ensures the entire team is on the same page, with no confusion about where their responsibilities lie.

If your organization’s hierarchy changes over time, individual nodes in the hierarchies can be easily moved, added, or deleted from each level.

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