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Build Sales Territories Based on Geographic Regions

You can manually build Sales Territories directly in the Territory Builder itself. Creating a manual territory can be done by selecting a region dataset and using this as the basis of your sales territory. Then it’s just a simple process of selecting the regions you would like to add to each territory.

An alternative approach of creating Sales Territories manually is by using our polygon draw tool allows you that to bulk select geographic areas to add to your territories. With this tool, you can click on the map at the start point and continue adding points as necessary to draw a shape that intersects with all of the regions you want to select. Areas included in this shape will be added to your territory. Learn how to build your own territories from scratch with our quick and easy how-to guide.

For example, allowing your sales team to build manual territories will enable them to break down large territories to their own smaller, more manageable territories. This will allow them to be more efficient in making contact with customers when on the road.

Ready to build your territories in eSpatial? Sign up for a free trial with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.

Create territory manually
Territory boundary

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