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share maps

Just copy, paste and email!

eSpatial is a cloud-based mapping software. To share a map, all you need do is copy and paste a web page link. Send it to a colleague or associate, via email. No attachments or detailed instructions are required other than “Click on the link to see the mapped data” – or something similar.

No special software or downloads required

Some mapping programs – especially those that are interactive – require anyone allowed view a map to have special software installed. Not so eSpatial. A modern web browser is all that is necessary to view and interact with an eSpatial map.

Share maps, but control who sees what

There are a number of ways that you can decide what someone sees when you share maps. For example, on a single eSpatial map you can filter data in a variety of ways, or turn ON and OFF selected layers. This allows you to highlight different parts of the data. You can then save these unique map visualizations and email them to specific people. Each will receive an individual web page link to a different map. If you have eSpatial Team or Enterprise, you can even grant privileges for viewers to edit and update a map.

Share as PDF, JPEG or new Excel file

If you prefer to share a map by inserting it into a document or in a Powerpoint, then you can easily export it as either a PDF layered document (map, chart, data table) or as a JPEG. Where you have edited data within eSpatial and want to share the updated data only, you can export it as an Excel CSV file.

Share maps online

Many eSpatial users – non-profits in particular – create maps specifically to visually share the impact of their activities to a broad group of stakeholders or consumers. Adding a title and description to an eSpatial map enhances this functionality. (You can also, of course, at any time set the map so that it is not searchable on the internet.)

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