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Proximity analysis is one of the most common types of analysis that our customers want to use eSpatial for. Understanding what customers or opportunities are near by is a really beneficial when a sales person is planning their day or trying to make sure a journey isn’t wasted when a previously arranged sales call is cancelled.

There are three types of proximity analysis you can use to find out who is nearby.

  • Radius Analysis
    Radius analysis allows you to identify all data points such as customers, opportunities, job orders or service engineers within a particular distance of a centre point such as a sales rep, account manager, office, warehouse or customer.
  • Drive Time Analysis
    Drive time analysis is similar to radius analysis in that it identifies all data points within a particular drive time of a centre point.
  • Nearest Neighbor Analysis
    A Nearest Neighbor map allows you to identify a set number of data points within a distance of a centre point. For example if you are a sales rep and you’re client has cancelled a meeting last minute, you can plot your location and find the nearest 3 clients for you to call on instead.

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