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Printing and Exporting

eSpatial specializes in layering data onto Maps and then creating customized maps that can be shared via a webpage link. However, we also understand that there are times when only printed maps will do.

You might, for example, want to print maps to include in a paper presentation. Or you may want to print maps and post them on your office wall, to motivate a sales team. Whatever the reason, a printed map can be a great resource.

eSpatial offers multiple high resolution print options, based on the size of the map you wish to output. Simply select the size of the output (see table below) and the layout (Portrait or Landscape), preview and download the file. Then print.

Printing size options

Regular – prints A5@300 dpi or A4@150 dpi

Large – prints A3@300 dpi

X-Large – prints A1@300 dpi

Ready to plot your data on a map to print and share with your colleagues? Sign up for a free trial with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.

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