Print Google Maps with your data on them

periinting-map-printereSpatial specializes in layering data onto Google Maps and then creating customized maps that can be shared via a webpage link. However, we also understand that there are times when only printed maps will do.

You might, for example, want to print maps to include in a paper presentation. Or you may want to print maps and post them on your office wall, to motivate a sales team. Whatever the reason, a printed map can be a great resource.

Flexible, easy printing options

eSpatial offers multiple high resolution print options, based on the size of the map you wish to output. Simply select the size of the output (see table below) and the layout (Portrait or Landscape), preview and download the file. Then print.

Printing size options:

Regular – prints A5@300 dpi or A4@150 dpi

Large prints A3@300 dpi

X-Large – prints A1@300 dpi

Print screen using WYSIWYG

Use the WYSWYG (What You See Is What You Get) print option to quickly output the map you see on screen (minus the data table). The output from a standard office printer will be a good, clear quality – though, of course, it all depends on the quality of the machine you are using. These types of prints are perfect for informal discussions or for handing out to field sales teams.


Print map, data table and chart

Where you wish to print a map that is accompanied by the data that it plots and/or a chart, use the download as PDF option. To do this, click the Export icon (see image on the right). Next, click the option to include a table.

These types of output are great for meetings where someone may wish to drill down into – and question – the data that is plotted on a map.

The Export option also allows you to download data to an Excel CSV file, which you can then print out.

Print a booklet of your maps with MapBook

With MapBook, you can export your territory maps into a booklet that catalogues all of your sales territories and hierarchies into an easy to read handout, great for making an impression at meetings and presentations. The MapBook is exported as a slide deck so it can be easily edited and or inserted into your other documents or PowerPoint presentations. Each page highlights a territory or view of your hierarchy with a contents page making it easy to find the right information quickly.

For more information on how to export your maps into a MapBook, check out our MapBook tutorial.

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