Moving from Mappoint

#1 MapPoint has been discontinued since December 2014.

#2 Microsoft ceased support for MapPoint in July 2015. (See Microsoft MapPoint Support & FAQs page here.) eSpatial provides continuous, comprehensive support and free training for its mapping software.

#3 The last update to MapPoint was as far back as 2013. Geographic data within the program is going further and further out of date.

#4 MapPoint was an innovative product when launched in the 1990s. However, compared to easy-to-use online software like eSpatial, MapPoint is now considered over-technical and “clunky” .

#5 MapPoint maps are desktop-based – they do not update easily and they offer a poorer visual experience than software built on Google Maps, like eSpatial.

Download our 5-minute guide to Moving from MapPoint (Download will begin immediately)

Read why other MapPoint users have switched to using eSpatial

You can read two case studies on switching from MapPoint to eSpatial. These are real customers who have seamlessly incorporated the new mapping software into their existing workflows. As they make clear: the switch has been easy and hassle-free

MapPoint v eSpatial – brief comparison guide

Download this visual pdf to compare MapPoint features with eSpatial features.


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