Create eye-catching visualizations when you map multiple locations using eSpatial.

map multiple locations

Map anything

eSpatial plots and layers data onto Google Maps, the most up-to-date and trusted mapping service in the world today. That means that if there is a location column in your Excel spreadsheet, all data in that column (and data associated with it) can be easily mapped. You can plot up to 25 million points, using eSpatial!

Map multiple locationsMap multiple locations worldwide using eSpatial

Global mapping software

eSpatial can plot data on any region in the world covered by Google Maps. Map multiple locations in a country, a state, a city, a zip code or even a street. In addition to your own data, eSpatial allows you access, for free, over 400 boundary and information datasets related to a range of countries.

Add new locations easily

When you map multiple locations, it’s likely that within a given time, that list of locations will change, or expand. eSpatial lets you add new data to a map, row by row (handy when there’s only a small number) or by using an updated spreadsheet to overwrite the date contained in the original spreadsheet uploaded to eSpatial.

Divide up data into different maps

If you map multiple locations and find yourself with a difficult-to-read visualization of the data, eSpatial allows you to divide up that information into different maps. Segment or filter data on your initial map and then use the SAVE AS command to create a spin-off map, which contains specific data.

Map multiple locations on multiple layers

eSpatial allows you to layer different sets of data on top of each other – for instance, sales personnel on sales territories, customers on salesperson locations, etc. You can turn these layers on and off, with just a click. Such data layering results in easier planning, and reveals insights that would be unobtainable from just a spreadsheet.

How much do you want to map?

Which version of eSpatial you choose to use will depend on how many locations you want to map. We have a number of options to suit a range of data upload levels – and budgets.

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