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Legend Control

With eSpatial, you can control the appearance of data on your map from your map legend. This allows viewers of the map to show and hide datasets, to turn on and off styling options and change the basemap to better understand the data on the map..

Show and Hide Datasets

Multiple datasets can be layered on a single map allowing for deeper analysis and multiple views of your data. You can also hide any or all of these datasets to help you focus your attention. This can be done from within the map legend.

Turn on and off Styling Options

There are multiple styling options available in eSpatial to help explain a story. When viewing the map as you further interrogate the data, you may wish to turn off some of this styling. You can easily turn on and off any styling that had been saved on the map. This can also be done from within the legend.

Filter From Legend

You can visually filter your data from the legend. You can hide cohorts of data points from your map, simply by clicking the eye icon next to the cohort you want to make invisible. This allows you to quickly test filters visually before filtering the data in the table.

Change Basemap

eSpatial has over 30 basemaps for you to choose from. You can change this basemap at any time to make your data easier to view or to add an extra layer of data such as transit lines to gain deeper insight.

Set Default Columns

When you share your map with others, you only want them to be able to see and control the data that is relevant to the purpose of the map. To facilitate this, you can set which columns you want to be available to use in a Color By Value, Style By Value drop down menu.

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