Update your Business and Sales Data seamlessly in eSpatial

eSpatial has powerful analytical and visual tools to allow you to gain valuable insights into your business and sales data. Typically, your data will be sourced from a spreadsheet, a CRM such as SalesForce.com or a Marketing Automation platform such as Marketo.

Most applications provide capabilities to export to various file formats (e.g. CSV, JSON, etc.) with the added possibility to export automatically to a network location at regular intervals to be picked up.

Data Uploader Tool

eSpatial has developed a standalone application which automatically imports your data into eSpatial thereby removing the need for a manual import process. Using the eSpatial Updater Tool, you can schedule data updates from a source file stored on your network.

Features of the eSpatial Uploader Tool

  • Schedule automatic updates of your eSpatial datasets
  • Configure the Updater tool to update the eSpatial dataset only when data file exists on the network (using Location Watcher tool)
  • Facility to update multiple eSpatial datasets at once
  • Match data file locations to specific eSpatial Datasets
    • (e.g data file in C:\DataSource\WestRegion will be imported into the WestRegion Dataset)
  • Audit and log file available for error checking and analysis



We recommend that the implementation of the eSpatial Uploader Tool be undertaken by a systems administrator or Power-User of the eSpatial system. Our eSpatial developers will be at hand to assist in the implementation and ensure the Uploader Tool is fully operational.

You can use the eSpatial Upload Tool in your own environment. You can either schedule this (using Windows Scheduled Task or Linux cron job) to run periodically or monitor specified local network accessible, or URL accessible locations for new or modified files or upload them directly to eSpatial over HTTPS.



Data API

We are continuing to work on various Data API integrations with our customers and partners

eSpatial has a Data API that we are continuously amending .API methods are provided which can be used for the import and synchronization of data with eSpatial datasets.

With any API (Application Programming Interface), it is intended for users that have an in-depth knowledge of their organization’s system (application, database, or other data source) and relevant technical expertise in some language that can be used to communicate with a REST (Representational state transfer) API, such as Java, C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript. Most CRMs provide a open API that can work with this. For example we have customers who have direct API integration with Salesforce.com .Using the Data API will give you more fine-grained control over what is uploaded to eSpatial, allowing you to perform queries on eSpatial, pre or post processing of your data and perform selective updates, overwrites or deletion or records.

If you feel that the Data API is suited for your organization, we can offer assistance in setup and support, please contact for more details.

See more info on available methods here: https://help.espatial.com/api/api-methods/

If you are interested in finding out more about our Integration option, please fill out the form below. Please note that these capabilities are only available on select packages.

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