Mapping On The Go with eSpatial Mobile

eSpatial is used by sales and service teams across the world to help their field staff plan their day, optimize routes, and fill in gaps in the schedules while on the road. All this functionality is now even more portable using our brand new mobile solution. eSpatial Mobile is the perfect companion for field sales and service reps that need easy access to their customer data, in addition to creating optimized routes on the go.

Working from the palm of your hand, eSpatial Mobile packs a serious punch in its ability to help staff organize their day in the field.

1.Prioritize Your Accounts

Identifying the highest priority accounts when planning your day is key to a successful day. You can color code your data using eSpatial on your computer before you leave the office.

When on the road, use eSpatial Mobile to quickly prioritize your accounts by proximity using radius or drive time buffers from a selected location such as your office or an airport. You can also filter your data to only see accounts based on certain criteria such as status.

2.Plan Your Week

The average field worker will plan out their sales or service calls weeks in advance. Start by creating a map of your call locations for each day. Filter the points to only show the accounts you have scheduled a call with.

Each day you can open the relevant map in eSpatial Mobile and create an optimized route to ensure you get to see them all.

3.Optimize Your Sales Call Routes

Open one of your maps using eSpatial Mobile on your mobile device. Select the points you want to visit either individually or in bulk with a custom area or buffer. Add these points to your route and then you can add in start times and stop durations. Create your route and then have the option to open each leg in Google Maps for turn by turn navigation.

4.Fill Up Your Schedule

One of the most frustrating things for sales people is when meetings are cancelled, especially if they have travelled to be there. With eSpatial Mobile, you can make the most of cancellations by identifying other accounts nearby that may be able to see you instead. You can easily do this with eSpatial Mobile by running a drive time radius around your location to identify the accounts within a 15-minute drive that you can call to schedule a meeting with.

5.Bulk Update Your Accounts

Once you have finished your day of sales or service calls, you can then quickly bulk update fields such as “Status” or “Last Visited Date” right from your map so that your data is up to date for the next day.

Route Planning with eSpatial Mobile
Route planning with eSpatial mobile

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