Just “click and paste” to place an interactive map on a webpage.

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Advantages when you embed maps on a website

At the very least, it can show the world where you or your business is located – essential if you are running a retail operation. It also gives an easily-readable indication of the scale your activities (extremely important if you are a non-profit). Plus the scope of your operations (state-wide, national, international?). Embedding interactive maps made by eSpatial bring a a secondary dimension too: you can navigate around the map and drill down into the data – via map pins or the attached data table, taken from your Excel spreadsheet.

Embedded maps are great for telling a business story

Interestingly, the media are one of the biggest users of embedded maps. How many times have you come across a news story with an accompanying map? This points up another great advantage of embedding a map: it catches attention and can tell a detailed story quickly. People don’t really like to look at spreadsheets, but maps pique their curiosity. Add color and interactivity and you’ve really got something!

As easy as cutting and pasting

When you create a map in eSpatial and you want to embed it on a web page, it is no more difficult than if you were to embed a YouTube video. Simply click on the share button, allow your map to be Public and then a code will be generated that you can copy and paste into a webpage’s source code.

Embedded maps update automatically

All embedded maps are linked to the datasets in your eSpatial account. Therefore, whenever you update a dataset in your eSpatial account (for example when you add new business locations) the data on your embedded map will be automatically updated.

Help others see the bigger picture

Embedding a map on a page gives you the space to explain it in more detail – how you gathered your data, where your map fits into a bigger vision, etc. You can also seek comments or feedback – particularly useful when you are using a map for planning purposes. Also, just like a YouTube video, if viewers prefer, they can go full screen with an eSpatial map.

Step-by-step how to embed a map in a website

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