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Sharing your Map
You can share your maps publicly with the world. If you’re an organization that wants to let people know where you are located, or where events are happening. Having your map publicly available for potential customers to see can be a huge advantage.

Customers will be able to see the range of your organization across the country. For example, a restaurant may share a map of all their locations, allowing customers to see the closest restaurant to their location.

Share Instantly With a Link
Sharing your map simply involves generating a link that can then be sent directly to an individual, posted online, or linked to from your website. You control if it’s searchable online and what the visitors can do on the map.

Embed on Your Website
To embed a map on your website, it’s as simple as pasting an embed code snippet onto your homepage. These maps will update automatically, whenever you update the underlying data in the map, making it easy to manage and administer.

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