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Your data library is where all your business data is stored when you upload it to eSpatial. There are various methods for uploading data, manually via Excel or CSV, automatically using our Data Uploader Tool or our eSpatial Data API or Salesforce and Zoho Reports Integrations.

You can upload point data such as sales, customer, distribution location data which is presented on your map as points. You can also upload boundary data such as custom territories, county, state or country boundaries which are displayed on your map as bordered geographic regions.

Your Data Library also includes access to the eSpatial Datastore, where you can find almost 200 boundary and demographic datasets which can be overlaid on your business data for deeper insight.

What You Can Find in Your Library
  • Workspaces and Maps
  • Territories
  • Datasets
  • Scheduled Updates
  • eSpatial Datastore

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