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While maps on their own are a great visualization of your data, some customers like to be able to see their data in multiple ways on the map such as charts and tables. Your table is automatically attached to your map and you can minimize or maximize as you wish. You can even decide whether you want to included it in shared maps.


With eSpatial, you can have two views of your data. The data visualization view on the map, and a traditional table view as you would expect to view your data in a spreadsheet or CRM. You can use the table to:

  • To view your records
  • To filter
  • To search your data
  • To find a record
  • To sort ascending/descending
  • To get an aggregated view
  • The get a results view (radius)


Enhance your maps by combining it with additional visualization tools such as charts. Charts can give viewers an immediate summary of the data on the map. eSpatial offers various types of charts which can be added to a map, including bar, line, pie, area, and scatter charts.

Ready to add charts and tables to your map? Sign up for a free eSpatial account with 7 days access to our Pro License features to visualize and analyze your data on a map.