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Collaboration and Sharing Summary

Collaboration today doesn’t just mean working with people across the room, it can involve people across the country or the world. We’ve made it easy to work with colleagues, both locally and remotely by offering seamless collaboration through our cloud mapping software.

Collaborating with eSpatial is easy and secure with our team and enterprise accounts. You can share entire workspaces or individual maps and datasets. Both you and a fellow team member can work on these maps simultaneously and you will be notified immediately of any changes to the map you are working on.

If your sales representatives really don’t need to be able to edit the data, they just need to be able to manipulate and use the data, then our user permissions come into play and you can assign different groups of users with different permissions.

With eSpatial you can invite and share mapping projects with colleagues both publicly and privately, enabling collaborate on creating, editing, and styling mapping projects while keeping track of changes with notifications.

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