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Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer / mobile device whenever you visit our website. We use cookies to help us make your user experience as pleasant as possible. Have a look below to see what cookie we use, how we use them as well as changing your settings.

Changing my cookie settings

Some features on our website that help to improve your user experience won't work without cookies. Please check your cookie settings below to turn them on / off. For more information about each of the below categories, view the our website cookies section below the setting switches.

1. Our Website CookiesClick to expand Our Website Cookies content

Our website divides cookies into its own category system depending on what they are used for, these are:

1.Functional Cookies

Functional cookies handle basic functionality our website requires to work properly, e.g. A cookie that tracks the number of times you have visited our website will allow us to display more relevant content depending on how many times you have visited.

2.Marketing Cookies

We use marketing cookies to track visitor behaviour throughout our website. The intention is to help us understand how our visitors are using our website so we can improve the user experience.

3.Preference Cookies

Preference cookies enable our website to remember changes you have made in the way it displays information to you, e.g. Your selected currency on our pricing page or the country / region that you are in.

To update your cookie preferences, toggle the switches above.

2. What Do I Need To Know About CookiesClick to expand What Do I Need To Know About Cookies content

Cookies are small files that are downloaded onto your computer / mobile device whenever you visit a website. Cookies generally fall under one of the below three categories:

1.First Party Cookies

These cookies are used by our website only and cannot be accessed by any other website.

2.Third Party Cookies

These cookies are set by a service provider we use on our website, e.g. If a page loads a YouTube video and you’re logged into YouTube they will have stored cookies on your computer / mobile device that they can use to display video options based on your preferences. You can remove these cookies through your browser preference, but we don’t have the ability to access them on your behalf.

3.Session Cookies

These cookies only last as long as your visit to our website. Once you leave they are automatically removed from your computer.

3. List of Cookies We UseClick to expand List of Cookies We Use content

Below is a list of cookies our website stores on your computer. As time goes on we may add more cookies to this list, if we have to store these new cookies on our users computers, who consented to cookies prior to their addition, we will reset the cookie settings for all users and display the cookie consent notice again.

Cookie Name

What It’s Used For



Tracks your consent of specific types of cookies on our website. The types of cookies used on our website are classed as functional, preference and marketing. More information about each category can be found in the above section.

These cookies must exist to allow us to remember your preferences.


When you schedule a phone call with us we will store the details until the phone call is finished for future reference.



Keeps track of votes cast on certain pages where a thumbs up/down is requested from users. This cookie allows the page to be more accurately scored, allowing us to know what content works for our users.



Certain pages on our website contain a timeline that fades in each information section one at a time as you scroll through them. This cookie remembers how many loaded for you so the animation won’t keep loading every time you visit the page. Every page on our website has a numerical ID and depending on what page the timeline is on a cookie will be added for that page, e.g. A page with an ID of 10 will store the cookie as es_timeline_10.



This cookie keeps track of the number of times you have visited our website. It allows us to serve more relevant content to you based on your visit count.



This cookie remembers your currency choice on the pricing page.


4. 3rd Party ServicesClick to expand 3rd Party Services content

We also use a list of 3rd party services to help us analyse our website traffic, visitor behaviour as well as allow us to communicate with our visitors. These services store cookies on your computer to function properly. If you wish to disallow these services you can disable them and they will not function again on our website unless you allow them. When disabled we will strive to remove as many cookies as possible added by these services, but we can’t guarantee all will be removed, once the 3rd party applications are disabled and you leave this page you will no longer be tracked on our website. These cookies can all be removed by clearing your browser cache.


What They’re Used For


Google Analytics

This is an analytical service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie on your computer to allow us to evaluate how our website is being used and, with this information, compile reports for us. You can view their privacy policy for more information.


Google Adwords

We use the Google Adwords service to measure the effectiveness of our online advertisement campaigns. You can view their privacy policy for more information.


Google Optimize

Our website uses Google Optimize cookies to test and analyse how our visitors interacts with our website. Using this service allows us to make informed decisions about how to improve our website to provide a better experience for our visitors. You can view their cookie policy for more information on cookies that this feature stores on your browser.



We use Intercom to allow our visitors to more easily engage with our sales team through its chat functionality. You can view their terms & policies for more information.


Zoho SalesIQ

This is an analytical service provided by Zoho. SalesIQ sets a cookie on your computer to allow us to evaluate how you’re interacting with our website to allow us to make more informed decisions about how to improve our website to provide a better experience for you. You can view their terms of use for more information.


You appear to be offline at the moment, this notice will disappear once your device can connect to the internet again  

We use cookies to personalise content and analyse our website's traffic. This includes cookies from third party social media, advertising, and analytics partners. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from the eSpatial website. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.

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