The importance of route optimization and planning for sales teams

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In a previous post, we wrote about the importance of mapping software for field service management companies. In that blog, we looked at how thorough route optimization can save time and fuel. This is also important for sales teams who can invest a lot of time and resources to meet with clients in different territories. In today's business world, organizations need to be cost-efficient, and for sales reps on the road, fuel and time are can be major costs. Route optimization software is the answer and I'll go into more detail how eSpatial can help you plan the route for a team.

Create a route for a team with eSpatial

Reduce travel costs, improve fuel efficiency and increase the number of customers you can serve

eSpatial route planning creates route maps in seconds. With turn-by-turn navigation, these maps are easily accessible and shareable on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Generating customized maps and directions couldn't be easier. Once you plot your data on a map, simply pick a Start Point and a Finish Point and eSpatial will create the optimized route for your journey. You can include up to 100 stops in your route, allowing you to plan a day full of sales meeting and more. Our route optimization software will calculate the most efficient route between each of these stops. This can be set to create either a one-way or round trip.

If you're in the office and you have employees in the field, you can create a route map and share it directly with any member of your team in the field. Depending on the version of eSpatial you're using, a route plan can be shared publicly (by sending a link to the interactive map) or privately with specific groups and individuals.

"Using eSpatial reduced my trip planning time by 75%." – Katherine McKay, Deerfield Academy

Using route optimization, you can reduce your travel costs and time wasted out of the office by planning the most efficient routes to your customers. Route optimization is useful for sales teams, healthcare professionals, field service management companies, logistics and distribution firms, and government departments. All of these organizations find it greatly improves fuel efficiency, reduces travel time and increases the number of customers they can serve.

So how can you try it out?

1. Sign up and create a pin map

Sign up for a free seven-day trial of eSpatial. After signing up, prepare and upload your data. This will create a simple pin that shows all of your data.

Pin Map 1

2. Analyze and target

Decide which clients or leads you would like to visit. It can be helpful to use filtering or color coding during this process. For example, here we have color-coded the pins based on their estimated potential value. Now we can look for areas with a high number of red, high-value leads.

Pins color coded by potential sales value

3. Select your appointments

Once you know who you'd like to visit, select the Routing button in the Control Panel on the left side of your screen. Once in routing mode, use the Add or Multi-add buttons to select them. You can create a round trip or set separate start and finish locations. You can also click on Times to set the day and time you plan to leave, as well as how long you plan to spend at each stop. Next, select the Optimized box and click Get Route.

Appointments selected on a route map

4. You've created a route

Congratulations, you've created your first route map! You can now save and share this map, as well as access is on your mobile app. eSpatial also allows you to open the turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps for live navigation.

A completed route map in Philadelphia

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