How your sales team can survive — and thrive — in these times

on June 9, 2021

This is part two in a multi-article series exploring how you can help your sales team cope with an unpredictable pandemic recovery period. Read part one. In the first entry of this blog series, we examined the major effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the sales environment during 2020. We concluded that while the crisis wasn't devastating to sales across the board, it still led organizations to deal with considerable changes, including large-scale shifts to remote operations. The evolutionary shifts in the sales process that were...

Area Mapping in Sales: 3 Ways It Can Help You Win More Deals

on April 30, 2020

As a sales leader, you're always looking for the advantage, but there's a secret weapon you may not have thought about yet: area mapping in sales. Imagine this. You're sitting down to a game of chess. You know that you and your opponent are evenly matched in skill, so you're feeling confident. But wait, there's a catch. You sit down and someone hands you a blindfold. Your opponent gets to see the board and the pieces, but you're playing in the dark. Who do you think wins now? It's not fair,...

Sales Capacity Planning: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Sales Team?

on January 2, 2020

It's a business death knell: "But we've always done it this way!" Getting stuck in a rut is bad for business, especially when it comes to your sales team. Just because you've had five sales reps in a region for years doesn't mean it's the ideal number. That's why you need a sales capacity model. If you haven't reviewed your sales territories recently, business activity may have drastically changed. And if your sales reps have too many accounts or leads to follow up with, you're probably...

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How To Create Fair Sales Territories

on July 4, 2019

There are lots of factors that go into creating a successful sales team. You have to choose the right candidates, provide good training, and find the right motivational tools. But even if you've nailed all those steps, your team isn't at peak performance until you've created fair sales territories. As a manager, you may be wondering how to create fair sales territories and why it's such a concern. First, we'll take a quick look at why you should be paying attention to sales territories and...

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The Best Sales Territory Mapping Software

on November 2, 2017

Looking for the best sales territory mapping software? You're looking for eSpatial There are many benefits to mapping your sales territories geographically, such as identifying hidden patterns and trends in your sales performance, reducing conflict between salespeople, and ensuring a fair and profitable workload for your sales reps. Once you know that you want to map out your sales territories, your next job is to ensure that you're choosing the best sales territory mapping software for your...

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6 Key Benefits of Establishing Sales Territories

on March 2, 2016

Last week we published a quick overview of sales territory management and alignment. This concept is critical for any company looking to establish firm control over each geographical area in its reach with a notable customer or prospect population. (You can check out that blog post here if you missed it!) Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of establishing sales territories for your rep team and your company as a whole. Many sales managers have to improve performance with little to no extra resources, and territory management is key to...

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What is Sales Territory Management & Alignment?

on February 24, 2016

As businesses have become more data driven, they 've invested more in territory management software to enhance their sales performance. This trend shows that businesses are looking for ways to make sales data easier to digest. They want to be able to manage and align territories, analyze the information and gather insights about market gaps and resources levels. But what exactly is sales territory management and alignment? Firstly, we need to define a sales territory.

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