Travelling in Ireland? Here’s how mapping can help

on August 6, 2021

Following up on a recent tourism blog, we wanted to carry out a more macro study to see how mapping can help tourists and tourist boards alike. According to Tourism Ireland, 11.3 million tourists visited the Island of Ireland in 2019. With Covid-19, the figures for 2020 were much lower. However, with the re-opening of businesses and travel being promoted, mapping your next vacation is on everyone’s mind. Below is a map of Accommodation and attractions/ activities across the Island or Ireland:

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How to avoid the limitations of creating maps in Excel

on March 19, 2021

The ability to create maps in Excel is one of the useful features of the signature Microsoft Office spreadsheet software. However, there are notable limits to what you can do with a map chart in Microsoft Excel. After all, it's a data analysis tool primarily focused on the simple but effective spreadsheet format – it was never meant to be a mapping method.

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Make the most of a custom map with pins in eSpatial

on February 24, 2021

Make the most of your pin map What is a pin map? What can you use custom pin markers for? How to create a custom map with pins in eSpatial Create your pin graphic Add your own icon Style with your new icon Every sales organization knows how important it is to have an accurate idea of certain metrics at any given moment. For instance, you may want to know: How much revenue is being brought in and are those gains in line with the weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual goals you’ve...


Mapping Software
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Psychology of the map we all know

Is this map popular for the wrong reason?

on June 2, 2020

I've worked in a mapping software company for several years now. While I understand how visualizing data on a map is a valuable tool to any business, until now I never thought to look into some of the psychology associated with mapping. Take, for example, the type of the map that most likely held a space in your classroom (click image to enlarge): Mercator projection map Map from Google Maps This map is called a Mercator projection. It's called a projection because translating the...

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