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Our Summer 2022 product release is the most significant engineering development we've taken in years. It's more than just a product update, and it's one that we are really excited about. We are adding a new Product to our eSpatial environment. We are also adding some key new features in Territory Management and in our Salesforce Solution. We've been working really hard on this release and are really looking forward to making it available to our customers and getting your feedback on it.


Our new eRouting product is more than optimized routing. It is a field sales optimization tool to select the most appropriate customers to visit at the right time to create an optimized schedule built around your availability and the customers. Set your availability.

You get to build your schedule around your availability and your working preferences:

  • Set the date range for your trip.
  • Set the hours of your working day.
  • Set the default stop time for each visit (Note that you can set individual stop times for your accounts, so if some visits take longer, we can build your schedule around that.
  • Set a preferred flexible break window.
  • Set your start and end locations.
  • Set your travel days. Many of our customers have an office day to catch up on admin and call customers to confirm meetings.
Review settings

Customer availability

You will want to create a schedule based on your availability, but it is also essential to work around your customer's availability. If you have confirmed meetings, you can lock those into your schedule ("locked calls"). When you have confirmed your must-have appointments for the week, eSpatial will perform a little magic and automatically fill in your available meetings, ensuring your day is optimized. You can relax with the knowledge that the rest of your week is optimized.

Route stop details settings

You can also set the availability for customers only available on certain days or times. eRouting will create an optimized route accounting for those times.

Route availability settings

Multi-day schedule

With eRouting you can create a schedule for up to 20 days.

Colour coded route schedule for the week

Prioritisation & recommendations

You want to spend less time on the road and more time in front of your customer, but it is also vital to visit the right customer at the right time. With eRouting, you can filter your calls to prioritize your most important. You can filter by status, value, potential, last visited, location, industry, products purchased, and other criteria. You can use all the requirements you would expect to help you prioritize the highest sales potential customers. Use date fields to prioritize customers' overdue visits and improve your customer service. eRouting also has a recommendations engine that prioritizes the shortlist based on your criteria. You can use any numeric value such as revenue, sales potential, or employee count.

Export options

So, you have your optimized schedule created. Now you or your sales or drivers team need to execute the plan. You have many options available to share and view the schedule.

  • You can share this schedule with a colleague easily, making it easy for colleagues to access and view their plans.
  • You can export the schedule to your preferred calendar. Every stop is imported into your calendar with each visit, including a link to Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps so you can access live traffic and voice directions.
  • You can also export the schedule to excel. It will include the ordered set of stops and links to Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps for all points in your route.

Territory management

We continuously enhance our eTerritory product. It is a critical component of our 3 products on one platform. In this upgrade, we have added two enhancements:

  • Enhancement table - You can now add multiple attributes to the selection table in eTerritories. You can also sort your values (from high to low if you want to identify the high-value accounts to move). You can leverage the search option on the table to focus on a status like industry or search by an account id or brand name.
    Account enhancement table
    • Unassigned classification - You can now move accounts to an unassigned classification.
      Account classification
  • Additional columns on export - For some boundary datasets, additional information is required on export to make that more valuable. For example, when exporting territories built on zip codes, while the zip code is the critical piece of information, additional information like County and State can be handy in some instances. From this release, we can include this additional information on several datasets.


Your feedback has resulted in several upgrades to our Salesforce solution. This release has expanded the type of data you can add to your eSpatial Maps and Territories. Previously, you could add all your records (My) or all records you have access to in Salesforce (All). From this release, you can now add any records you have access to through your Salesforce Teams setup or through your Salesforce Territory setup. This functionality leverages the same functionality when setting up your reports in Salesforce. These additional options will make your map setup even easier if you use the Teams or Territories option in Salesforce.


eSpatial has changed our look to reflect our strategic focus, guided by your feedback. Along with a new logo and new coloring, we have renamed our 3 core products. Now called eMapping, eTerritory and eRouting, you can leverage a complete solution for sales and operations.

Coming next

Design and development are already working on our next Product release. While the complete list of features is still to be finalized, there will be a new Mobile App for our eRouting product and several Territory Management options. Our Product Roadmap is heavily influenced by you, our customer, so please keep your product feedback coming either through your dedicated CSM (Customer Success Manager) or directly to

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