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While consumer-level GPS tracking apps like Google Maps can get a driver to their destination, they lack the scheduling and optimization functionality of a route planner. These tools also require sales reps to manually schedule and input multiple stops throughout the day, slowing down operations on the road. Field sales and operations teams need a better solution that enables easy route planning and optimization and allows route scheduling to map out reps' days.

eRouting is an innovative route planning software that saves your team time and boosts field sales productivity. Intelligent scheduling features minimize travel time, reducing vehicle wear and enabling your reps to make more visits per day.

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What is route scheduling software?

Route scheduling software, also known as a route planner or route optimization software, is a sales solution designed to help businesses uncover the most efficient route for multiple stops. You simply input the clients that your field sales team needs to visit and advanced algorithms produce an optimized route and schedule for each rep.

With these strategic planning and driver tracking capabilities, you can ensure that each vehicle is following the correct route plan and that sales reps are staying on track for precise arrival times.

Do you need route planning software?

The short answer is yes - but what specific signs indicate that you need route planning software? Here are a few pain points many businesses suffer from without the right route planner:

  • Customer and driver data is decentralized and dispersed across many systems.
  • Operations teams lack visibility into route progress and appointment updates.
  • Multi-stop route planning is inefficient and excludes many high-value clients.
  • Drivers are traveling outside of the planned route, leaving out priority stops.
  • Sales reps aren't able to adjust their route plan on the fly, causing scheduling conflicts.

Driving sales productivity with route optimization software

Strategic planning and scheduling are critical for field sales operations, but what happens when a late call or last-minute cancelation comes through? Traditional route planning only maps out your scheduled visits in advance — for a truly streamlined operation, you need route optimization software. But what's the difference between planning and optimization?

Route planning

Route planning software enables you to plot a planned route, much like GPS tracking software like Google Maps. Generally, this type of route manager also allows you to add multiple stops along the way, but there's little guidance on where to plot each point. The lack of an optimization feature also slows down your field sales reps, who have to manually adjust schedules on the road.

Route optimization

Modern route optimization software lets you plan on autopilot, creating the most efficient route for multiple stops. Sales reps can also make ad-hoc adjustments to their schedules based on changing conditions or client needs, and advanced algorithms will automatically generate a new optimized route. Unlike consumer-level navigation apps, optimization software also lets sales and operations teams share schedules, routes, and appointment notes for dynamic and strategic planning.

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The benefits of routing software

To keep up with evolving business needs, sales and operations teams need a comprehensive route manager that can maximize productivity and minimize travel time. From planning multi-stop routes and scheduling appointments to optimizing on the fly and analyzing performance, route optimization software offers countless benefits to sales and operations teams.

  • Alleviate scheduling pressures: Schedule your appointments in advance to plot an optimized route between each stop. Sales reps can also input start and end times to track meeting lengths and stay on schedule.

  • Optimize routes on the road: When things don't go according to plan, sales reps can edit and adjust their routes in real time. That way, a long meeting or last-minute rescheduling won't impact the rest of the day.

  • Reduce transportation costs: Optimized routes reduce travel time for your sales fleet, and fewer miles clocked means more savings in transportation costs. That includes fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses that can add up quickly.

  • Enhance customer service: With less time spent on the road, your reps can spend more time with clients, identifying and addressing their needs. This translates into an improved customer service experience and better satisfaction rates.

  • Increase sales productivity: By empowering sales reps to make adjustments on the fly, route optimization enables them to make more stops per day, maximizing sales productivity.

Optimize your sales routes with eSpatial

eRouting is our most advanced scheduling and optimization software yet, making it easier than ever to map your multi-stop routes. More than finding a speedy route, eRouting completely optimizes route planning and fleet management, reducing drive time while maximizing productivity for your reps. Not only does this enhance your sales team's ability to provide quality customer service, but it also means reps can reach more clients daily.

Want to learn more about eSpatial's routing solutions? Visit our pricing page for more information.

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