Last year, we added route mapping to eSpatial. This allowed users to create routes from existing mapped data, which they could access from a variety of mobile devices. Now you don’t even need a device – you can just print out maps complete with a list of directions! Just follow the steps below.

  1. Create your route map
  2. Click on the print icon in the control panel and select the Print Steps option:

    Print route map - Step 1
  3. This will generate a page in your browser with a map and directions.

    Print route maps - Step 2
  4. Access the print options in your browser (in my case, this is Firefox).

    Print route maps - Step 3
  5. Select the page setup and then tick the background printing option (the image below is taken from Firefox – but it’s the same process whatever your browser). Click OK.

    Print route maps - Step 4
  6. Finally, click Print and your route map with directions is ready to be outputted from your default printer. Click OK to finish.

    Print route maps - Step 5
Patrick Butler
Written by

Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler joined the eSpatial marketing team from 2013 to 2015. With a Masters in Journalism and experience in a variety of organizations, Patrick brought a wealth of commercial knowledge to the eSpatial team.