Why Tourist maps?

Tourist maps have been popular for decades. New visitors to a town or city can easily see what amenities are close by. City and nationwide tourist boards commission the creation of these type of maps to increase the level of trade and business in their area. Often the maps created are small, pocket-sized paper maps and they do the trick. However, interactive maps are becoming more and more popular.

Interactive tourist maps can be embedded on websites and include helpful information regarding opening hours or ticket prices. In 2019, Tourism Ireland stated that 11.3 million tourists visited the island of Ireland. With the average length of stay being 7.3 nights, it's crucial for the hospitality sector to promote their business. The power of mapping helps with this.

Mapping Rush

Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland is a medium sized seaside town in North County Dublin (not far from our Headquarters in Swords). According to the 2016 census, 9,921 people reside in Rush.

The area is steeped in history for being a smugglers paradise for pirates in the 1700s. Jack the Bachelor and Luke Ryan became famous names in the area for smuggling items such as tea, tobacco, wine and spirits.

In modern times, it has become a commuter belt town for Dublin City. However, it still maintains strong ties to its roots as being a top producer of a wide range of fruit and vegetables. So much so that Rush is considered to be a dominant hub for market gardening.

Rush, Co. Dublin – Courtesy of Ros Eó Photography
Courtesy of Ros Eó Photography

Courtesy of Ros Eó Photography

Like every town and city across the globe, Covid-19 has negatively impacted the activities of businesses. One way to help with the re-opening from lockdowns is to highlight what facilities and businesses are open to the public/ consumers.

Since I'm a local, I've worked with the Rush Tourism team to create a Tourist Map of Rush. We hope that this map will drive business and improve trade (while obeying Covid-19 restrictions of course). Check out the below interactive map and plan your future trip to Rush!

View a larger version of Rush Tourism created with eSpatial mapping software.

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