It's a given: it's cheaper to retain existing customers than to win new ones. So keep those customers happy!

Customer relationship mapping is about keeping track of customer responses to your product or service. By doing this, you can deal with problems quickly and effectively. Here's what we recommend in eSpatial:

1. Give customers a means to provide feedback

Set up a form in your website that allows customers to rate or comment on your product or service. Alternatively, send an email to your customers requesting their input into an online customer feedback form. Here's a link to an simple online form that I've created for this article.

2. Create a form – collect customer feedback in one place

If you have a customer management system such as Salesforce, then you can create online forms and collect information through its system. If you don't have a dedicated CRM system, you can also create a form in Google Forms (see this tutorial) such as the one I have done for this article.

3. Include location data in your form

Without a location element, the data will not map, so include a column that asks for a location – you determine what level of information you require: you may just want a country or you may want a city/town, a state and a country.

CRM how to 1

4. Include a rating system in your form

eSpatial can attribute a different colour to different values in a field.

Range values may suffice

CRM how to 2

Or you can keep it to a simple yes or no

CRM how to 3

5. Download the form from your CRM and convert to an Excel CSV

Once you feel you have enough data in your form to provide useful customer insight, then proceed to download your form as a spreadsheet. If your CRM does not download to Excel CSV directly, then simply open your download in Excel and then save it as a .CSV file.

6. Upload to eSpatial

Upload your CSV of data to eSpatial. Then create a simple report. This will provide you with invaluable insights into how you are performing in particular parts of your market.

Take control of your customer's happiness