The beauty of using a cloud based mapping solution to visualize and analyze your business data is that you can customize those maps to suit your needs.

Whether its custom territories, custom map pins or matching your map with your brand colors, you do a lot to make the maps your own. In today’s blog post we’ll look at just how you can do that with eSpatial’s powerful mapping solution.

Custom Type of Map

While every map is personal to you because its your data displayed on it, you don’t have to stick to the 7 main types of maps that people use to visualize their data. You know what you want to see and how your audience are going to see the data, so think outside the box when deciding what you want your map to look at. Think about layering different styles of maps on top of each other. For example, layering a bubble map over a heat map or territory map.This map displays the value of open opportunities overlaid on the territory maps. Red bubbles mean a higher value or hot opportunity.

Custom maps

Custom Territories

You can create custom territories to exactly match the territories your sales team cover based on state, county, or zip or other boundary data. You can also ensure your territories match the hierarchical structure of your organization encouraging collaboration and sharing between sales managers and sales personnel.

Custom territories

Custom Basemap

eSpatial comes with a huge variety of basemaps to help your data stand out. You can scroll through them all to find the perfect one for your map. Whether you want more detail or less, a light basemap or a dark one, a road map or a satellite map, the choice is yours! If there’s a basemap you want but don’t see, ask us about it as we add new ones all the time.

Custom basemap

Custom Map Pins

As you may have seen in our style and colour menu, eSpatial has a large selection of map pins for you to choose from to represent your data. In addition to the existing map pins, you can use your own custom image or logo. In addition to your own image, you can

Custom map pins

Customize with Annotations

Our recently launched annotations feature allows you to fully customize and brand your map with your company logo and any supporting images or text.

Custom map with annotations

Custom Views

Filter your data and lock it so that the people you share your map with, only see the data you want them to see. If there is a certain selection of map pins you want to focus on you can draw a custom area to select and filter just those data points.

Custom data views
Gillian McCarthy
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Gillian McCarthy

Gillian has an extensive education across multiple business spaces and schools, including UCD‘s prestigious Smurfit Business School. This wealth of knowledge is evident in the many eSpatial blog contributions Gillian has authored. Having written on many subjects Gillian has become a particular authority on how integrating eSpatial with other tools can bring enhanced customer value.

Those are many of the ways you can tailor your maps to match your business requirements