Keeping a sales team motivated can difficult. Sales teams start the month firing on all cylinders, but can lose momentum as the end of the month and targets loom near.

This can be symptom of the sales team becoming disconnected from their goals. What goals do sales reps care about? Achieving sales targets and earning commission, but the problem can be connecting your sales team to these goals in a unique way that provokes a meaningful motivation.Sales teams need to be connected to their goals and their clients in a real way, instead of panicking over numbers and spreadsheets. Sales reps who aren't connected to their goals will lose motivation, not because they're uninterested, but because they don't have an active connection to their customers, feel overwhelmed or not sure how to prioritize. They can get lost in spreadsheets and CRMs and need a visual way to understand their sales data and customers. The solution is data visualization.

Improving Performance through Data Visualization

Having their sales data visualized means they can gain a greater understanding of their customers – where they are located, the value of their deals, and how far away they are from the office or competitors. A sales territory map can contain all your team's data and act as a direct connection between them, their clients, and management. A single sales territory map can showcase your entire sales network, such as individual reps' territories, the leads and prospects located in them, and the aggregated value of each of them.Our maps are the backbone of thousands of sales teams across a range of industries. They provide sales reps with the ability to quickly identify and prioritize leads, collaborate together, and manage their territories. Nearly all sales data today contains some kind of location information such as an address, so a map is the perfect medium to visualize this data. Even sales territories themselves are usually based on geographic boundaries such as states or counties.

Sales pipeline map

Map Your Goals

Visually connecting sales reps with their accounts and sales territories will make them feel more engaged and directly responsible for their progress and achievements. Visualizing goals has always been a method among people to achieve success and increase motivation for centuries.

Using mapping to visualize these goals as a progress monitor can be a huge motivator. Using various pin and color styles to highlight developing leads and areas of opportunity can empower your team to take that extra step to closing that deal. Your sales team will feel a sense of accomplishment seeing a map of red leads turn into green accounts.

Data visualization has proven to increase the motivation and improve your sales process.

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Colm Kenny
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Colm Kenny

Colm Kenny worked with eSpatial for more than three years. A graduate of National University of Ireland in Galway, Colm spent many years working in commercial teams across the globe, where he developed a keen interest in mapping technology and where it can make a commercial impact.

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