Create a report that displays quarterly sales by territory

on October 13, 2020

Despite all the research highlighting the importance of long-term planning, most companies still run on 90-day reporting. The quarterly sales report is a business staple. But like every KPI or sales metric you track, there are sales reports and then there are sales reports. The difference often comes down to the data.

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Sales territory alignment software: 5 stats for sales managers

on October 9, 2020

Sales territory alignment software uses data to match your sales territories to your available resources, helping to improve sales performance by up to 30%. Since they work in a competitive field with high stakes, sales professionals thrive in a challenging, but rewarding, environment. Still, in order for a sales rep to do their job well, their sales manager has to set them up for success. A key consideration for every sales leader should be sales territory optimization. That means effective...

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