How to Create a Map for PowerPoint

on July 10, 2020

When you create a map for PowerPoint, it brings a slide to life in an engaging way while visualizing important information about your operations. From text, icons and images to flowcharts, videos and even heat maps, PowerPoint can help you communicate a concept, a process or a data set in a digestible and interesting way. PowerPoint is not the only presentation software on the market – perhaps you use Google Slides or Keynote – but it is the most popular. PowerPoint has racked up 500...

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Best Route Optimization Software: 7 Essential Features

on July 3, 2020

How to pick the best route optimization software for your sales team. Our seven essential features to look for before you buy. Seven essential features to look for in the best route optimization software Upload your customer destination information Add multiple stops along the route Include start and end times for meetings or deliveries Edit and adjust destinations, routes and schedules on the go Route planning efficiency Integration with top navigation apps Share routes with team members

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