A short guide to replacing MapPoint

Smoothing your transition to an alternative

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Replacing MapPoint may seem like a daunting task, but we have tried to make it as easy as possible to transition. This article is packed with practical advice to help you make the right decision. We'll cover

  • 5 Reasons to Move From MapPoint
  • 7 Features You Need from A MapPoint replacement
  • 7 Benefits of Cloud-Based Mapping Software

Why you need to transition from MapPoint

Your competitive landscape is challenging and overcrowded. Every quarter you need to get bigger and better. You need to improve the customer experience continuously. You need to be more efficient and productive. How can you do that with outdated and unsupported software, tools, and methodologies? Simply put, you can't.

Thousands of organizations have already transitioned to a new provider after Microsoft announced it no longer supports MapPoint. As time goes on, the data in MapPoint becomes obsolete. An outdated map can lead you to the wrong destination; an outdated data mapping solution can lead your business to bad decisions that can cost your organization time and money.

5 Reasons why you need to move from MapPoint

  1. It's not supported
  2. You can't update it
  3. Your competitors have already moved
  4. It's desktop-based
  5. Collaboration is limited

7 Features you need from a MapPoint alternative

  1. Sales Data Visualization
  2. Up to date Datasets
  3. Territory management and optimization
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Sharing & Collaboration
  6. Optimized Routing for Sales Teams
  7. Continuous Support
Data-visualization with a MapPoint replacement

Territory management

Territory mapping software is the most powerful way to optimize sales territory alignments. Visualize and overlay multiple datasets, which helps you to surface hidden insights. These insights drive realignments and sales strategy decisions by identifying which territories are over or under-served. Using weighted balances like a workload transforms alignment quality resulting in a more effective and efficient territory design. It unlocks sales revenue and productivity improvements.

Look for the capability to design new sales territories from scratch and the ability to import your territory files to create maps instantly. If you want to export existing territories from MapPoint, export them to an excel file and import them into your new solution.

Territory alignment software

Modern mapping solutions go above and beyond MapPoint's territory management features by allowing you to balance your sales territories on multiple data sources, delegate responsibility for specific territories to a sales rep, and build sales hierarchy definitions.

Look for a solution that:
  • Includes territory optimization capabilities
  • Offers weighted balance features
  • Offers a workload index balance
  • Enables point-based or accounts-based optimization
  • Allows for scenario planning and comparisons
  • Enables secure sharing
  • Balances your territories on multiple data source
Territory optimization features

Sharing and collaboration

You recognize the importance of teamwork in a successful sales force. Improved sharing and collaboration allow for higher transparency and better communication between teams, managers, and salespeople.

What to look for:
  • Scalable solution supporting thousands of users
  • Share generated maps quickly (e.g., Printing, MapBook, embedding online and in presentations)
  • Grant individual or team permissions for maps
  • Delegate responsibility for sales territories
  • Securely share maps internally and externally

Data analysis

Using mapping software to analyze your data can help you gain an accurate perspective by visualizing the density of customers, leads and prospects across your market.

Look for a solution that allows:
  • Pin map analysis
  • Heat map analysis
  • Radius map analysis
  • Territory map analysis
  • Bubble map analysis
  • Aggregate data analysis
  • Additional data overlays

Route optimization for sales

Although you may have produced routing maps using MapPoint, this functionality will gradually deteriorate as the geographic data in the software becomes outdated.

Look for a solution that:
  • Offers scheduling capabilities
  • Optimizes routes automatically
  • Offers recommendations and insights
  • Allows mobile access
  • Enables map sharing and collaboration.
  • Includes a turn-by-turn itinerary
  • Export maps and routes for offline use

Access to support and mapping experts

Mapping your sales data can be a daunting task for employees. Your alternative MapPoint solution must support mapping experts who understand your sales and marketing needs and can help you achieve your goals quickly. You want to select a provider with a dedicated customer support team and in-app support.

Look for a solution that:
  • Assigns a dedicated customer success manager to your account
  • Has in-app support
  • Has Live Chat facility
  • Has a product roadmap.

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