5 common challenges for field sales analysts

Stephen Curran by Stephen Curran on March 14, 2019
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Within a sales organization, the sales analyst plays an important part in strategic decision making. They prepare sales forecasts and collect and analyze data to evaluate current sales goals. With great responsibility, comes great challenges and today we discuss some of the most common challenges that field sales analysts face in their day to day.

Challenges of a Field Sales Analyst

1. Sending Excel Files to Sales Teams

I've seen it too many times, Sales Reps playing the role of Field Sales Analysts, this is why Sales Reps only spend 36% of their time actually selling. Your analysts and reps need to agree on the KPI's that drive real sales performance, then your analysts need to do the analysis and present it in a way that the reps can then easily plan their day and week around. This will ensure value-driven decisions as opposed to relying on gut instinct.

2. Not Embracing the Right Technology

There is a need for healthy skepticism of technology as there are so many tools out there. But when you're dealing with so much data, interactive visualization is a very powerful one. For example, if you have just a map of all accounts for a sales rep, that's not very helpful to anybody, but if you can sort and filter the accounts on that map to show the ones that meet your Sales Reps KPI's, then you have the right tool to communicate and sell better.

3. Assuming your Sales Team won't Adopt New Technology

People don't like change, even if it's for the better. In saying that, 57% of Sales Reps didn't meet their quota last year and something needs to change. Instead of focusing on the differences, focus on the benefits it brings. For example, we've proven that territories can be designed and optimized 32 times faster with eSpatial, and we've proven that you can increase sales appointments made by 15%. Lead the conversation with these figures and your Sales Team can't deny that this is something they need.

4. Working with Poor Data

Your Field Sales Analysts can only work with the latest information provided to them. Often, they are overly reliant on busy Sales Reps to update CRM's or worse, update Excel files and email them back. This problem is then exacerbated if the Sales Rep needs to get home or back to the office to update. A streamlined process where Sales Reps can update on the go is crucial here. If a Sales Rep can visit a prospect, update their record, and see where to go next all in one mobile app, then your analysts will always be working with the most up to date data.

5. Getting Lost in Translation

You have agreed on the KPI's, the Field Analysts and Sales Reps are all on board. The right accounts are been targeted and records are been updated in a timely fashion. You are most of the way there and the results should already be noticeable. The final hurdle is the ever-present human communications errors. This is where cloud-based tools demonstrate their value.

With eSpatial a Field Analyst and Sales Rep can work on the same interactive map, this allows them to easily visually communicate the changes been made. This is a far more effective way of getting the message across than trying to visualize what's happening in their heads.Tackling these issues will move towards a transparent and efficient field sales and analysis process. Preventing blame games and excuses for poor results while adding real value to each individual's performance.

eSpatial is a provider of mapping software for field sales teams. From territory management and account management on the go to advanced routing capabilities, we're certain eSpatial will increase the efficiency of your sales team. Schedule a free demo with one of our experts to find out how eSpatial can help your field sales team achieve their goals and targets.

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Stephen Curran

Stephen Curran is a graduate of Carlow Institute of Technology. Through his natural curiosity and continual interactions with our customers, Stephen gained many insights into their needs and wants when it comes to geographic analysis and mapping software.

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