Why You Need Data Visualization in 2016

People love visuals, it’s a natural thing. They are easier to comprehend and more appealing. Visuals are a huge part of everyday life, they entertain us, help us learn, communicate, and can make us feel emotions. So what better way to communicate your company’s data with clients and colleagues?

Data is the lifeblood of businesses and as it’s volume and complexity grow exponentially, organizations can struggle to keep up and find themselves drowning in data.

Amongst this sea of extensive and complex data, companies starve for the useful, quality information held within it. Is there a means to unearth the hidden value with ease, a way to bring those rich insights to the surface? Data Visualization is the answer.

As you start off 2016, now is the time to set a New Year’s Resolution to visualize your data and reap the benefits of doing so. Below are just some of the reasons that Data Visualization is so important for businesses today. You can find out more in our Free eBook: “Drowning in Data: Bring Insights to the Surface with Data Visualization”

1. Visual Information is easier to digest

Visual information is easier for people to understand and interpret; this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual. So why spend hours looking over spreadsheets of raw data when you can visualize that information in a way that’s easier for people to comprehend. Visual information is stored in the long-term memory, so if you want your data to be understood and remembered, data visualization is key.

Data Visualization
Proof that people crave visual information

2. Identify patterns and trends

The human brain can get a sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second. So when complex data is presented in a visual way, it becomes much easier to identify patterns and trends. For example, would it be easier to spot a gap in sales coverage by staring at a spreadsheet or a map that highlights all clients? These types of insights can be lost in the rows upon rows of spreadsheets, but by looking at the information in a new way can lead to discoveries that would have otherwise been lost.

3. Visual Data is easier to share with clients and colleagues

A huge challenge with big data for organizations is analyzing it and sharing it with colleagues. When presenting data in meeting with clients or colleagues, it’s important to make a good impression and convey the information quickly. Would they rather look at slides or spreadsheets full of data, or vibrant visualizations that quickly communicate the point? Visualizing complex data can be particularly important in helping people who were not directly involved with the data to gain an understanding quickly.

4. Make decisions quickly

Complex data that is displayed visually leads to key findings being highlighted instantly. This leads to quicker decisions being made and saving your business time. The quicker the data is interpreted, the quicker it can be acted upon.

Visualizing data can also be an effective strategy convincing people to make decisions or agree to a particular point of view. It’s been proven that people who use visual information during presentations are more successful at persuading their audience than those that do not.

Visualize spreadsheet data
Visualize complex spreadsheet data

5. Increase ROI and empower your business

Your business will experience a higher return on investment. Through Data Visualization, the internal process of your organization will improve. Data can be analyzed and understood faster, insights and trends can be identified faster leading to greater understanding and knowledge in the organization.
Data visualization can empower your business and employees, giving them a new way to look at data, enabling them to make better and more informed decisions from all aspects of the business, from junior members to senior management.


In this era of information and data abundance, data visualization tools allow you to gain insights, target and analyze the essential data to drive your business forward. Our eBook “Drowning in Data: Bring Insights to the Surface with Data Visualization” provides you with real examples of how to extract value from your data and use it to drive your business forward in 2016.


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