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There are many benefits to using route planning software to plan your team’s sales visits, such as reducing time spent traveling and increasing the time spent with the customer. Once you know that you want your team to use optimized routes on a daily basis, one of the hardest tasks is ensuring that you’re choosing the best route planning software for your organization. We believe that eSpatial is the best choice, whether you have a sales team of 10 or 1000. Let us tell you why!

Multiple Ways of Adding Stops to Your Route

With eSpatial you can add stops to your route in multiple ways depending on who you want to visit.

1. Address Search / Drop Pin
You can type in specific addresses, plot that address on the map and add it to your route. This is useful for a small number of addresses that don’t exist in a dataset already stored in your library. You can also use business search to highlight up to twenty businesses nearby that you can then add to a route.

2. Add from Buffer
Adding stops from within a buffer is useful when planning out a sales visit. You can plot your hotel location and use a radius or drive time buffer to add stops within a certain distance or drive time to your route.

3. Add a Single Point
If you’re working from an existing dataset such as prospects, opportunities, or customers, and you want to carefully select the accounts you want to visit, then you can add their locations individually to your route. This is most useful when you only want to visit certain clients.

4. Add Multiple Points
This is one of the most common stop selection features that our customers use as you can quickly draw a rectangle around points on a map and they are automatically added to your route.

5. Filtering
Filter your data on the map by status, product line, account value or other to prioritize and select the most appropriate customers to visit on a trip.

Edit Your Route

While adding stops to your route is easy, we can all make mistakes and add a couple stops that really don’t need to be there. Thankfully with eSpatial it takes one click to remove a stop from your route. You can also change your start and finish stops and change the order of your stops depending on their priority on your visit list.

Round Trip Option

When planning a route in eSpatial, you have the ability to set your start and finish stops or you can use the round trip option so that you can start and finish at the same location.

Optimized Route Option

When planning a sales visit, you want to ensure that you are making the most of your time on the road. Once you’ve added all of your stops to the route, they will be displayed in the order that you have added them in. For a more efficient route, select the Optimized Route option which will reorder your stops, except for the start and finish, to ensure that you are not wasting valuable selling time in your car.

Total Distance and Time Expected to Drive

Having a clear understanding of how much driving is required and the time spent driving will help you better plan your day(s). With every route created in eSpatial, you will also be provided with the total distance to travel in miles or kilometers along with how much time it is expected to take to travel those distances. This will help you to decide how many clients you will get to see in a day, taking into consideration the drive time, the stoppage time for both meetings and food breaks.

Routing Styling Tools

Maps are great for communicating much more than simple locations and routes, they can be styled to make the users life on the road easier. For example, you can change the destination icons to suit the type of destination (airport, office, hotel etc). You can color code icons to determine which destinations are more valuable or urgent. This will help make the map easier to read on the road and communicate the necessary information quickly and clearly.


Working out how long a road trip will take is tough, you want to make sure you don’t miscalculate and miss important meetings. With eSpatial, you can set the day and time you want to start your journey. You can then include default Stop Times and update them individually to allow for longer or shorter meetings, refueling, and any other stops that need to be accounted for. This will give you a clearer picture of your day and a more accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete your trip.

Live Traffic

Before you set off on your planned route, hit the Traffic button on the Legend to see if you should consider changing your route that day.

Open Leg of Trip in Google Maps

eSpatial helps you plan your route, and gives you an optimized route for your trip. For navigation purposes while driving, you can open each leg of your journey in Google Maps. This will recalculate the optimum route on a leg at the time of opening using Google based on current driving conditions while also provide turn by turn directions. This is especially handy if you like to use Google maps on your phone as a sat-nav.

Share Route

In addition to sharing your route to Google Maps to navigate your journey, you can also effortlessly share your route and any associated data with others in your organization. You can share securely within a team or if there is no sensitive data included, you can share a public link to your route. You can also export as a PNG or JPEG and include it in a report. If you keep a personal calendar, you can set a date for your route and then Export to Calendar (ICS file).

Print Route

Technology has changed our lives in many ways and often times for the better. But, sometimes it’s just a case of the old ways are the best. Whether you just prefer to have something physical on the road, its company policy to print routes, or you want to have something to hand out at a meeting, there is still a need for physical copy. That’s why you can also print your maps and routes with or without the steps from eSpatial.

Export as CSV

In addition to sharing and printing your route, you can also export the data associated with the stops, such as contact name, phone number, pipeline status, and any notes associated with their account. This is useful for tracking who you have visited in your CRM system.

eSpatial for Sales Route Planning

If you haven’t tried routing with eSpatial or any of the other features available, be sure to sign up for a free trial and give it a go for yourself.