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Seco Tools LLC : A Mapping Success Story

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Sales management is one of the most common reasons that our customers use eSpatial. eSpatial mapping software can be used to gain visibility over both your sales force and your customers to ensure a better resource coverage, more time spent with customers, higher staff retention, and quicker rep onboarding. A great example of achieving these results with eSpatial can be seen in our recent case study with Seco Tools LLC.

Seco is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, holemaking, and tooling systems. For over 85 years, they have been more than just a cutting tool provider. They develop and supply the technologies, processes, and support that manufacturers depend on to maximize productivity and profitability. Their innovation goes beyond their products and services and into their sales teams in the United States.

The Seco North American sales team is made up of 180 technical sales people managing over 10,000 accounts across the United States. They historically had visibility over their accounts but only in spreadsheet format. Managing and allocating support to these accounts by using spreadsheets and normal data did not give the whole picture, just a snapshot which doesn’t facilitate fully informed decision making.

Seco wanted a better way of managing the sales reps and their accounts as well as being able to better report on performance across different territories. They knew the technology was out there so they enlisted the help of the Strategic Programs Team to identify a solution that would give them the impactful insights they needed to make strategic decisions for the sales department. Simply put, they needed new insights into their sales activity so that they could action changes to increase their business growth rate.

Their search for the best solution to meet their requirements led them to eSpatial, an all in one mapping software solution that gives them full visibility of their accounts and allows them to identify geographic trends to help them with recruitment drives and retention of key staff members.