Mapping Software for Business – Our Brand New eBook

If you have ever wondered how mapping software can really benefit your business, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve just published our brand new eBook, An Introduction to Mapping Software for Business. This is a comprehensive guide to mapping and its benefits for all types of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations. Not only will we break down the technical terms and jargon, but we’ll show you examples of how organizations save time, reduce costs and increase revenue using mapping software. Read on below for a quick overview of the chapters included in the eBook.

Chapter 1: Why Use Mapping Software for Business?

Mapping software enables you to visualize your business data to identify patterns and trends. In this chapter we will look at some of the high level uses of mapping software for management and monitoring as well as the more specific business outcomes such as impactful decision making and market coverage analysis.

Mapping Software for Business

Chapter 2: Mapping Fundamentals

If you’re new to mapping, this is a really helpful chapter helping you to build the best map possible. Starting with preparing your data, choosing your style, selecting your analysis and creating a very insightful visualization. Learn what each component means and how it can add to your map for clarity and comprehension.

Chapter 3: Using Mapping Software to Improve your Business Performance

Improving business performance is something we all strive for and mapping software can help you get there. We’ll show you how you can use mapping software for sales growth, for market expansion and site selection. We’ll take you through mapping for managing costs through workforce optimization, effective resource allocation and marketing campaign management. And lastly read about how to keep all those new customers happy by improving customer service with mapping.

Chapter 4: Sharing your Maps

When you’ve spent time perfecting your map, you don’t want it hiding away in your account. There are many ways to share a map internally and securely. You can also publish your map online or embed it on a website. This chapter takes you through the various output types and sharing options and what they are best used for.

Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Mapping Software

Not all mapping software is built equal and it’s important to chose one that meets your business requirements. We’ve included a really useful feature requirements table to help you prioritize what you need the most.

ebook-mock-upFrom new ideas to best practice tips, this eBook is full to the brim with useful information to help your organization grow and succeed using mapping software.

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