It’s not all about Big Data: Small data counts too!

Small data matters28 March 2012

There’s a really great blog post at Harvard Business Review entitled “Even Small Data Can Improve Your Organization’s Judgment”. It’s really worth reading – go on, take a look. We’ll wait till you get back.

Right, welcome back! Great article, wasn’t it? And from our perspective, absolutely spot on!

Data can empower you to make better decisions at every level of your business – but woe betide the enormous slowdown commonly brought on by large-scale projects, complete with complex software installations and integrations!

At eSpatial, we have an enormous amount of data – so much, in fact, that we could easily get analysis paralysis.

Instead, when we started analysing data, we took small steps. We didn’t try to do everything at once. We identified a few strategic areas, started analysing, and used the results of these analyses to make better decisions.

The insights we gained from the analyses helped us to make better business decisions – which, in turn, drove better results for the business.

The better our decision-making, the more we’ve come to rely on data analysis to guide us – and the bigger our data has become.

We know that our customers have often followed the same path. They usually have a lot of data, but one specific project in mind. By starting small(ish), they get up to speed quickly, see great results – and usually come back to us to talk about how they can expand their horizons!

If you’ve never thought about a small data project before, why not give one a try?

Not sure what kind of small data project to start with? Why not try mapping a small amount of your data in eSpatial OnDemand GIS™?


Your free 14-day trial account gives you everything you’ll need – including support if you get stuck. Start a small data project in eSpatial OnDemand GIS today

We look forward to hearing about your small data projects!

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